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with Jose “The Wise Gorilla” Figueroa

Learn how healing Emotionally and Spiritually changes the physical and mental landscape of your present moment… and your future existence. 

There is a great misunderstanding that has transcended from one generation to the next.  That misunderstanding has led many of us to suffer from an identity crisis – Who am I, really? Do I even matter? Is this really all there there is to life?

We desire to do something greater in our life; to serve greater, to have had our life have meaning and substance.

What is often overlooked and rarely taught is  that we truly are great beyond measure.  Capable of amazing and miraculous things.

We seek to be a blessing onto the world and to have power over our world.  Internally.

The secret to being a blessing and having power over our world is this… You already are a blessing and powerful.  You just don’t see it… yet…


Why Use A Shamanic Approach

Simple & Non-Traditional


Cross cultural & Non-Judgmental


Inclusive & Empowering


Connection to a deeper Inner power & even Greater Universal Power


Never feel powerless again

what They’re Saying


Jose Helped me understand who I am spiritually and what I can do with that knowledge.  I was able to connect to who I am and helped me see what I am capable of becoming.  This is perfect for those who have a need to serve a greater purpose and desperately want to go beyond that feeling of just existing. I am able to connect to my power of being an empath with out shame and torment.  Jose helps you heal your spirit.  I don’t have a renewed since of purpose – I have a more meaningful since of purpose… One I thought I had lost.

Katie R.

His insights are phenomenal and he never hesitates to share his wisdom. I highly recommend him!
Sheen Perkins


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