About the Wise Gorilla


My Story.
My Mission.

“Go confidentelly in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined” – Henry David Thoreau

My name is Jose.  Some call me The Wise Gorilla, but most just call me Jose.

I help people with Identity crisis reconnect to their original and perfect identity.

More specifically, I help spiritually gifted people integrate their original perfect identity into their right now life so they can be the blessing they were always meant to-be.

However, it wasn’t always like that.

I am spiritually gifted and have been around a lot of spiritual stuff all my life… For some reason the people I surrounded myself with were freaked out with my ability to know and do things that they didn’t understand.

So, like most of us spiritually blessed peeps in a culture that does not accept their powers, gifts and abilities (Insert sarcastic eye roll), I shut it down.

And though I achieved some succsess, I chased a dream that was not my dream or vision of who I am… Thus a 20 year span of misery and illness.  (More of that story here)

Deep down inside… All I ever wanted to do is to create a safe haven where people could heal the pains of their past and live a life where they are truly un-caged and unbound – living their true and original blueprint (the essence of who they are, their divine spark).

So, that is my mission – To create a safe, open environment where people can learn to access their gifts, heal emotionally and spiritually.  In doing so  the make peace with their past, change the physical and mental landscape of their present moment… and their future existence.

It is my hope to be a blessing to all who read my work / journey. And through this work they get a step closer into connecting to your divine spark.

Thank you for reading.  Your time here is a blessing to me… I hope that the exchange (between you and I) is equally a blessing to you.

Connect To Possibilities

Connect to what is possible and disconnect from the probible.  You will exchange what has held you back for what will propel you forward

See the Impossible

See beyond our physical existence and access the power that has been with us all along. Transform your inner world and the world around you

Live Un-Caged

How can you become something you have always been.  Be the blessing you have always been and will for ever be… 


The Work

Your Sacred Essence

Re-Connect to Your Vision, Connect to your Life-Stream, Manifest and Materialize, Increase Your Power and Knowing, Express Your Divine Spark


The work is simple, but far from easy.  The work can be exhilarating, or it can be excruciating – it really depends on you.  Regardless,  the work is all about an increase in power.  So you can start living the blessing you have always been.  

We are taught to be ashamed of our search for power.  But lets be truthful for a moment.  We all are in the search for power.  But we often confuse force with power and through that confusion we feel ashamed when there is no need to be.

The secret to being a blessing and having power over our world is this… You already are a blessing and powerful. You just don’t see it… yet!

The work is geared for you to re-connect to your original and perfect blue print.  The essence of who you are.  Your Divine Spark.

And as with all sources of power… the efficient you flow, the more connected and amplified you are, the brigher and more impactful you become.

The Wise Gorilla

Seer, Spiritual Guide & Mentor


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