Seeing the magic in life

How Can You See The Magic When All Is Lost?

The day I died was nowhere near as bad as the days in recovery and even those days paled in comparison to the days, weeks, months and even year of follow-ups. It wasn’t the doctor’s visit or all the changes that I made to my diet and lifestyle that was so bad. What was bad was the head stuff, the stuff that went on in between the ears.

I would share what happened with friends and they would tell me that I was in purgatory, or at the gates of hell, and that I needed to get my soul right because if I didn’t I was going to go to hell. What they did not know they were telling me, in their innocence, was that I was a bad person, that I was looking at a punishment of torment and damnation. Which only does one thing in the human spirit… activate fear.

Other friends would say, “you see… I told you, there is no God. All of this religious stuff is an elaborate hoax pulled over the minds of people”. Which hearing this does only one thing… activate fear.

Then I had Dr’s and articles say that my near death experience “Was just something I made up in my head.” Which does only one thing to the human spirit… it activates fear.

It does not matter what anyone has to say… Fear is NOT False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is the loss of vision of love and growth. For the human body, spirit, mind, and cells only operate in two modes: Defense and Growth and they never operate at the same time.

Growth = Love: Acceptance, Inclusion, Connection, Ratification, Harmony, Freedom, Relief, and Pleasure (Just to name a few)

Defense = Fear: Hate, Exclusion, Segregation, Rejection, Disparity, and Suffering (Just to name few)

The moment fear (our defense programming) is activated in our minds our vision is narrowed. For we must protect that which we love at all cost – flight or fight. Fear is a normal human response… to focus on escape so we may find that which causes growth (Love). Fear is meant to be there, part of us… so we may have a chance to grow, to expereince love. We are meant to see love, know love, experience love. And love is a magical thing.

However, we live in a constant state of fear. So much that we don’t see the magic when it presented. We choose to believe one way or the other because choosing one way or the other keeps us safe with a group of others that believe exactly the same way that we do… and that is safe… and where there is safety there is love. And we will defend that which we know to be love at all cost. Even if it means excluding others that may take us away from that which we have gained so much love throughout our lives.

Yes, my near death experience was not about a walk in paradise… it was an abyss void of any signs of life, at least life as we know it. My near death experience did not foster any hope… if you choose to see as such. I did not come back with this polly-anna fantastical story of hope.
But if you stay in fear you miss the magic of what happened…

“It is often the pull of choosing one side or the other that we fail to see the magic that is before us.” 

We have two sides to choose from (at least that is what we are taught)… Those that will use my experience to further their claim for hell and torment and those that will further their claims to the absence of a divine consciousness. If you choose to see the experience through those views you choose to view it from a place of fear…. Your vision is narrowed and you are only seeking escape and you will miss the magic.

We choose one side or the other and we fail to see that there is a constant message from all of those that have a near death experience. We continue after this life…
I could not see anyone, hear anyone, feel anyone… but I was still there. I was still present. I existed… My consciousness, my spirit, the essence of who I was and everything I desired remained.

I could not use any of my senses to move about… The only thing that I could do is express my deepest desire… know my truth! It was in that expression and knowing that I was able to have movement. I had to give voice to what I wanted more than anything else and have that desire be what propelled me.

The instant that I desired to be with my family was the very instance that I had sight… a small little light, somewhere far away. The more I expressed my heart the closer I got to that light source and the brighter and more intense and more radiant it became.

Spirit gives life to matter. However it takes the interaction between the spirit and physical for animation to take place. It was not only my desire to be here that brought me back, but the paddles from the Doctors that were attending to me that brought me back. Their desire to bring me back that opened the door for my entrance.

If we live our lives from a place of fear… excluding others, telling them they are wrong, that they are bad, that they don’t belong, that they are crazy, we will always fail to see growth, love, joy, kindness, and yes… even the magic of being human.

Recognize the fear for what it is… the inability to see the magic that surrounds us all.
Choose to see that magic in everything and choose to see the infinite possibilities… of being

It is always my hope that this article brought you some insight and clarity?  If not, please comment or feel free to message me so I can improve and grow too.    Until next time… shine bright and may you live an un-caged life!  – The Wise Gorilla


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I am a shaman apprentice, Husband, Father of 2 teenagers, owner of 2 boxers, and an avid lover of life.

My Mission is simple… to create a safe space where people can heal emotionally, spiritually and gain a deeper and more meaningful purpose.

I focus showing how healing emotionally and spiritually change the physical and mental landscape of your present moment and your future existence.

Come live an un-caged life  – Live life as the blessing you have always been meant to be and will forever be.

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