What is this hippie-Dippy healing stuff?

By: Jose Figueroa

What is this hippie-Dippy healing stuff?

The last thing I ever wanted was delve into something spiritual, religious, meta-physical or even “hippie-dippy tree-hugger doing yoga for 13 hours and meditating for 30 years” type of thing.

I especially did not want to have anything to do with (clears through and rolls eyes and lets out an exasperated sigh)… the hippy-dippy stuff

I had no time for any of the mambo-jumbo metaphysical “crap”. I had to heal… in a right now kinda way!

I was struggling with sever depression, lack of drive and ambition, fleeting moments of joy and hope. And love… well that was just a real struggle. I had an even harder time connecting with anyone on a platonic level.

And all of that was taking it toll on my body.  I already had a heart attack and didn’t need to have another one.

But even science was letting me down with its “take this and call me in the morning”

So what did I have to loose?

In a bored state I found something on YouTube that kinda grabbed my attention. (Insight – Your inner spark will always guide you in the direction you need to go, even if you don’t know… yet.)

And thus started my healing journey

It was this woman (I have no clue who she was) talking about the 4 directions of the medicine wheel. She was referring to it as the elements – Wind, Water, Earth, Fire. And how water as the element of rejuvenation and renewal.

She went on to explain how this element worked in our life. She explained the need for the flow of water. Without flow, the water pools and becomes stagnant. Over the course of time… stagnant water becomes toxic… even to itself; poisoning everything it touches.

And though she was “hoakie” as hell, in a “hippie-dippy tree-hugging” kind-of-way, What she explained made more sense than anything else.

The imagery with in my mind was medicine for my soul. and I loved it!

How the Medicine Wheel Works

(At least for me)

The medicine wheel (“The Wheel” as it is referred to in some cultures) Is the simplest way to explain our varying personalities, life events, times in our lives, what is going on internally and it even offers how to heal some of our physical ailments. It is a symbol of balance and power. If one aspect is off kilter, it teaches you how to use other aspects to help bring that one aspect back into balance and how to power a specific power/direction by drawing from the others.

One of my favorite meme is the one of going to a shaman and asking to be healed. The shaman replies with a series of questions “When did you last dream, When did you last love, When did you last dance, sang, played music, laughed uncontrollably? When did you last sit in and just take in the beauty and the lessons from mother earth (nature), When did you last sit and praise yourself for all the great things you have done and plan on how to do them better? When did you last radiate like the sun, and change the directions of waters like the moon? When did you last share your essence by just merely being present? When did you last lead because you could?”

Though these questions may seem odd, they carry secret knowledge that is only known by the medicine wheel.


The Mind (East Direction)

To dream is to have vision. It is the birth place of inspiration. The bringer of hope. The bearer of news of a new day. It is the wind of change. This is the east. It is the house of the mind and voice. It is the place of possibilities.


The Heart (South Direction)

To love and be loved, To dance, To Laugh, To Sing. To tell stories or to listen. To do all these things is to connect through emotions. To feel connected. It is the life stream that we all share with our past, present, and future. This the house of our emotions. This is the south – the heart center.


The Results (West Direction)

To sit and listen to the lessons of earth mother (nature). To reflect back on your life just to take stock of all the good that has occurred.  This the house of stone, the house of the manifested and mastery. This is the home of the Phoenix, the transformer and duality. This is the west direction. The bringer of new and the ashes of the old.


The Knowing (North Direction)

To radiate without trying, to have pull even in darkness, To lead because people see in you something worth following. To not worry if someone comes or goes, or if something is given or taken. To just be and not worry. To give without need for return. To share because you create more from one moment to another. To know. This is the house of the Sun, The place of power. This is the north. The is the house of limitless power. The seat of your soul and the house of spirit that connects us to the limitless universe.


Bringing Aspects of You Back into Balance

Unbalanced Mind:

So if you haven’t had a dream or if you lack inspiration: Sing, Dance, Laugh, Love, Tell a story (or listen to one). Sit and listen to the earth mother, Take stock of all the great things you have achieved (no matter how small you think it is.), Partake of the gifts from the earth. Be someone’s sun and shine on them so they can grow, be a moon and light up the night sky, Just be you. You will dream. You will gain inspiration.


Unbalanced Heart:

If you haven’t loved:  Dream, speak things into being (we have just begun to learn the power of speaking things into being – more on this later), tell someone they are loved, Go walk in the grass with no shoes (Or on a beach… which, by the way, is a perfect place to connect to the unexpected and the unplanned). Lean heavy on the knowledge of you and how great you are. Take stock of who you are. Radiate in someone’s life.  Let someone pull close to you in their darkness, or pull away from you because of their smallness – you are not dependent on them.


Unbalanced Results:

If you can’t seem to get thing to work just right, mastering things are difficult and manifesting things into fruition is a problem… well: Dream, Share your dream, make plans, connect with other, share, learn, dance, sing, laugh. Be comfortable in who you are. Radiate in someone life, be a moon in the dark of night.  Pull those close to you that want to be close to you, let those that don’t want to be close to you fade away to a different moon.


Unbalanced Knowing:

If you struggle with being comfortable with who you are: Dream, Share your dreams, Connect, Love, Dance, Sing, Tell a story (Listen to other stories), Listen to the lessons from earth mother, partake in her gifts, take stock of all the great things you have achieved (no matter how small)


It is always my hope that this article brought you some insight and clarity?  If not, please comment or feel free to message me so I can improve and grow too.    Until next time… shine bright and may you live an un-caged life!  – The Wise Gorilla


Get Un-Caged:

About The Wise Gorilla

I am a shaman apprentice, Husband, Father of 2 teenagers, owner of 2 boxers, and an avid lover of life.

My Mission is simple… to create a safe space where people can heal emotionally, spiritually and gain a deeper and more meaningful purpose.

I focus showing how healing emotionally and spiritually change the physical and mental landscape of your present moment and your future existence.

Come live an un-caged life  – Live life as the blessing you have always been meant to be and will forever be.

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By: Jose Figueroa

Jose (aka – The Wise Gorilla) is a father of two teenagers, married, boxer lover, and a near death survivor.

Jose spent the first part of his carreer in customer service and leadership development.  However, after a failed operation where he died and returned, life took a different turn.

Rather than continuing to climb the corporate ladder, Jose has dedicated himself to studying healing for those impacted by the traumas of this phyical expeirence.

“If you heal your heart and reconcile with your spirit,  your body and mind will heal too.  After all, that is what the the body and the mind are designed to do… to follow the desires of the heart and spirit”  – The Wise Gorilla


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